Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for PPC Bid Management, the independent authority on search vendors, evaluates and ranks the best pay per click bid management software companies in the industry. To understand a business' experience using the software we often times contact present clients of each company to obtain an evaluation.

There are many different aspects of this type of software, but we have identified five that separate the best. These five key areas are: user interface, features, effectiveness, support, and stability.

The first aspect analyzed is the user interface of the software.  Does the software have a clear understandable interface? Does it guide the user step by step through the process?

We then evaluate the specific features that the software has. Does the software work to ensure the best possible cost per click for the user? Does it monitor competitor bidding? What competitive advantage does it give to the user to assist them in the bidding process?

Another component of the evaluation is the effectiveness.  Did the software actually perform? How did the software decrease the cost per click and more importantly the cost per acquisition?

Customer support is also reviewed.  How quick is the support team in responding to queries?  What is the overall view of the support team by the customers?

The final key area identified by topseos is the stability of the company. Is the software continually be improved to maintain a competitive advantage?  How long will the company be around to provide support for the software? 

A few questions that we may ask clients of a Pay Per Click Bid Management software firm to gauge their level of expertise are:

General Queries:

  • What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?
  • What type of a ROI were you anticipating, what was achieved and in what time frame?
  • What would be 3 things you would change about your experience?
  • What was your total investment?
  • Rate your overall experience (1-10; 10 being the highest).

Project Specific Queries:

  • Does the software have a clear understandable interface?
  • Have you noticed improved click spend since implementing the bid software?
  • Does the software provide information as to current competitor bidding?
  • Does the vendor provide effective support for the software?
  • How often are updates made to the software?


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